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Early C&C Commando PlayStation Tech Demo Discovered

An early tech demo preview of C&C Commando for the PlayStation has been found. For those who don't know, C&C Commando was the working title for the original C&C Renegade. This build, from around July 1997, has a basic model viewer, with the three models included in the game, a Player Test, a Terrain Test, plus a "Jogging Around Atlanta" test which has the Commando running around. It will be released soon as an ISO for anyone wanting to check out for themselves. For now, you can watch this video.



After all theses years, I was totally unaware there were plans for a PlayStation version of C&C Renegade (aka C&C Commando). Follow the latest developments about this right here.

Command & Conquer Red Alert Lore in a Minute

This video is by no means new, but it was spotted by the OpenRA team. TotalBiscuit, the Cynical Brit, presents the origins of the Red Alert back story, all done about one minute.



There is a similar video done for the lore of the original Command & Conquer. In case you're wondering, both videos were posted last December.

Red Alert 2 in PC Gamer's Best In-Game Piracy Punishments

PC Gamer have have published a new article that takes a look the best in-game piracy punishments. These are things the game developers deliberately build into their games to combat piracy. Some are more nasty than others. Red Alert 2's total base destruction bug has been included in this article, complete with a "troll" rating.




Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2​

Base destruction


There are two things essential to success in Red Alert 2: a base and units. EA's anti-piracy technique targeted both. Within thirty seconds of starting a game, pirates would watch helpless as everything they owned simultaneously detonated in a game ending explosion. It’s funny, but also a wasted opportunity. Thirty seconds is just too short a fuse. For true top trolling, they’d need at least ten minutes of progress to destroy.


Click here to see the full article.

Cartoon and Conquer #94

Cartoon and Conquer #94:


Next on 5th of December.

New Mental Omega Tech Buildings

The third news bulletin for the Mental Omega APYR mod for Yuri's Revenge was posts just a couple days ago. It features a few interesting topics, but most notably a preview of the new Tech Buildings. From the top left to bottom right, Tech Academy, Tech Heavy Machinery, Tech Aeronautics, & Tech Defense Bureau, which grant initial veterancy to infantry, ground units, aircraft, and defenses respectively.




Visit the Mental Omega APYR site for the full third news bulletin.

Community BattleCast Primetime - Episode #27

After a 2 month break, Community BattleCast PrimeTime returns with a brand new episode. Episode 27 includes the usual news round-up, mods, some excellent fan art, and the always popular BattleCasts. Make sure you check out the exclusive interview with Louis Castle. Watch the latest episode below.



Click here to subscribe to Community BattleCast PrimeTime's channel to stay informed of new episodes. Past episodes can also be found on this playlist on the CNCNZ.com YouTube Channel. You can also visit the Community BattleCast PrimeTime site.

Mental Omega News Bulletin #2

The second in a series of regular news bulletin updates for the Mental Omega APYR mod for Yuri's Revenge has been posted. The main highlight of this update is a preview of the new mission called "Operation: Paranoia".




Imagine waking up in the Amazon rainforest, living through one of your worst nightmares! The iconic mission from Mental Omega 2.0 returns with a twist in order to induce a complete state of paranoia. You have an important mission to complete, one that could change the fate of this world but everything there is out to get you. Shadow Tanks, Basilisks, Invaders, Brutes, Viruses.. not to mention the large amounts of enemy troops hidden by the Chimera Cores. It is a terrifying scenario, even for two brave heroes such as Tanya and Norio. They will compensate for each other's weaknesses and hopefully, with your great commanding skills, will succeed in taking down Yuri's Psychic Amplifier.

Paranoia is now Allied Mission 19. Without spoiling too much, the main objectives haven't changed. Take out 2 Nuke Silos first, then the Psychic Amplifier. What has changed though is your party and a certain detail: both of Tactical Nuke Silos have to be taken out simultaneously, otherwise the one that's left intact fires and you fail the mission. Good luck!


Visit the Mental Omega APYR site for the full update.

OpenRA & The Role of the Single Player

A new OpenRA video has been posted that takes a look at the importance of the single player and its impact to reach to a wider audience. It even briefly looks back at the long development history of OpenRA. Watch it below.

Remeber, you can try OpenRA for yourself. Follow this link for the download.

Mental Omega News Bulletin #1

Just a few days ago, the first in a series of regular news bulletin updates for the Mental Omega APYR mod for Yuri's Revenge was posted. It covers a whole range topics related the current development of the the mod. You can get a preview of the new mission called "Operation: Power Hunger", updates on the new maps, find out how the Ares Expansion DLL is being used, and more.




Visit the Mental Omega APYR site for the full update.

Cartoon and Conquer #93

Cartoon and Conquer #93:




Next on 21st of November.