The Latest Red Alert: A Path Beyond Dev Blog



Time for another update about Red Alert: A Path Beyond, because the latest dev blog has been posted on the Bluehell Productions forums. Its another detailed update feature plenty of map updates, which includes previews of the RA_Pacific and RA_GuardDuty maps. There is also a look and more destroyed tanks. You can read more about all these updates by clicking here.

Is EA Letting Command & Conquer Die?


A few days ago this article, Is EA Allowing This Well-Known Gaming Franchise to Die? appeared on an unlikely source, This article sort of retraces the demise of Command & Conquer that was cancelled back in October 2013, and then it questions if EA are ever going to make another Command & Conquer game or just let the franchise die and be forgotten like so many past EA franchises before it. Here's a small sample....

If EA was going to make such an announcement this year, then they probably would have done that at E3 2015. E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is a big electronic gaming convention held annually in June at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The good news is that EA can probably play that "we're rebooting or simply releasing another Command and Conquer game" card at any time, and they will have devoted followers.

You can read the full article right here. Thanks @NightTrain45 for the news tip. Here at, we are looking towards Gamescom in August to see of EA have any plans or announcements about the future of Command & Conquer.

Battle for Dune: War of Assassins - Blog #124



The hard working game developers from W3D Hub just posted another much needed update. This time featuring details on the Battle for Dune: War of Assassins W3D game. The update itself elaborates on what has been going on within the development team and provides information on how and why production moved to W3D Hub, along with numerous game feature announcements. Additionally, fans of the sandy project get an excitingly fresh look at the new Atreides light infantry unit along with some other interesting reveals, such as repair fuse mechanics. You can expect a lot more new content showing up in the coming updates. Head over to W3D Hub to show your support and catch up on the full update.

Throwback Thursday for 23th July



For Throwback Thursday this week I thought it would be interesting to look back at the origins of Renegade X. Back when it was actually called Renegade 2007 and it was only a total conversion mod for Unreal Tournament 3. The Renegade 2007 name never lasted that long of course, by early 2008 the "X" was in and "2007" was out. And through these past 7 or so years, Its amazing to see how far this project has come. To see how it has changed in terms of visuals and sounds, the ever evolving style of gameplay, the innovative features added to make it just as good (perhaps better) as other modern FPS games, the much needed switch to becoming a stand alone game. And don't forget the forget the Black Dawn single player release either. But every game has to start somewhere and when it was Renegade 2007 it wowed the community back then, just as it's still doing today as Renegade X! The true spiritual successor to Westwood Studios' C&C Renegade.


Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.

Jelly Games Renegade Servers Closing



Some sad news to report. It has been announced that the long running Jelly Games Renegade Servers are going to be closing down at the end of next month. Here's part of the announcement made on the Jelly Games Forums a couple days ago....


It is with deep regret that we announce that our long running Renegade server will close at the end of August, the date will be around the 26th. We have had an amazing run lasting over 11 years. At our peak we ran 5 well populated servers just after the merger with Ren-Archive. There are very few players now, and the regulars that still play have found other communities offer the best arena to play in and we are fine with that, it’s great that someone has found the right chemistry to keep this game going.


Click here for the full announcement.


Origin Accounts Will Now Be Called EA Accounts



It looks like Electronic Arts are making changes to your Origin account. If you have purchased games from Origin in the past you will have an Origin account. This will soon change as your Origin account becomes an "EA Account". In an email being sent to Origin account holders, EA said this is "to better represent all of EA's games and services". No other features or reasons were given. The change will happen automatically "in the coming weeks", EA said. Members will use the same login ID and password to access the account.

The Gear Frank Klepacki Used at Westwood Studios



In a recent post on Facebook, Frank Klepacki has shared a detailed list and provided extra information about the specific gear he used to get the sounds of the music he composed in the Westwood Studios era of Command & Conquer games and many others. It's an interesting look back at the years 1991-2003. There are also some cool photos of Frank's offices at Westwood over the years right up to when the studio was closed in 2003. Click here to read it.

Throwback Thursday for 16th July


Way later than normal, its Throwback Thursday time again. A little different this week, as we aren't focusing on any particular Command & Conquer game. Lets go back to the debut of Battlecast Primetime back in August 2007. Battlecast Primetime was EALA's version of ESPN's SportsCenter, a show to bring the fans all the latest Command & Conquer news every month. During its original run the show was hosted by EALA developers, David Silverman and Raj Joshi. Along with special guest hosts like the one and only Joe Kucan who would appear occasionally. The then community manager, Aaron "APOC" Kaufman, fronted his own segment called "APOC's Community Corner". Other regular and semi-regular segments in each episode were the "Battlecast 10", the "Main Event", and "Ask a Developer". Battlecast Primetime even had a couple of spin-off shows called Command School and BattleCast Primetime - Aftermath. Command School enjoyed a solid run but Aftermath didn't last too long. By March 2010 Battlecast Primetime had come to an end. A big grand finale show was planned, but due to technical issues (or so we were told at the time) it was not delivered. Instead all we got was an extended Battlecast 10. So its ending was a bit of a let down. But we still consider Battlecast Primetime to be a major part of Command & Conquer history. Check out our Command & Conquer TV archive if you would like watch any episodes again or if you have never seen them before, we have them all.
Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.

Twisted Insurrection v0.40 Release Date Set



Mark it down on your calendars, because version 0.40 of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun is set to be released next week on the 22nd of July. So what will be included in version 0.40? Here is a list of some of the more significant changes....

  • Some large changes to the Twisted Insurrection Client
  • New client themes, bug fixes and many new options available
  • Re-compiled and lighter files for better optimization and performance
  • A new campaign mission and many fixes and updates to current missions
  • Lots of new maps added to the Multiplayer Map pool
  • Plenty of in-game bug fixes and balance changes
  • Lots of in-game graphical updates on terrain, props and some units
  • Removed lots of unused or broken code, some of which prevents a known Internal Error occurring
  • Lots of new additions to the Twisted Insurrection Soundtrack
  • Some new and improved unit voice-overs
  • Changes made to all three AI types in Skirmish mode
  • Both optimised and added some new sound effects
  • Plenty of new animations and effects added, including updating older ones for better optimisation

Head over the Twisted Insurrection site to learn more about this big stand alone mod for Tiberian Sun.

Catch Up With the Latest Red Alert: A Path Beyond Dev Blog



The very latest dev blog for Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been posted on the Bluehell Productions forums. It covers a few interesting things as work on improving the game continues. There is a full summary of testing and gameplay developments from the recent testing, such as the improvements in the health regeneration system. There is a look at some destroyed props that will litter the battlefield on certain maps. Pictured above is the destroyed Heavy Tank. You can also see an early preview of the new Master Control Terminal, that has a very retro appearance. Click here to check out the full update.

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