Throwback Thursday for 19th January



While a bit late, the new Throwback Thursday has finally arrived! This week, we remember the Soviet Crazy Ivan, which first appeared in C&C: Red Alert 2 from 2000. These infantrymen were literally so drunk that they were keen on placing timed explosives on every unit or structure within their reach, even friendly ones. The resulting explosions were large, violent and even had a brief appearance of a skull. The only units they wouldn't like to blow up were transport vehicles. One Crazy Ivan assassinated General Carville prior to Operation: Mirage in the original Red Alert 2 time line. The unit was likely named after a Soviet submarine manoeuvre from the Cold War, which included a hard turn in order to clear the submarine's baffles (blind area in the rear) and quickly engage potential followers. Interestingly, the original concept art showed a Crazy Ivan wielding knives instead of explosives.

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GenTool 7.4 Released



It has been well over a year since the last major version of GenTool, was released. That changed today with the arrival of version 7.4. GenTool is a popular add-on for C&C Generals and Zero Hour which enhances the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer, has been released. GenTool is a recommended download for all C&C Generals and Zero Hour players. Version 7.4 includes these fixes....


New Features 7.4

  • Added rank support for more custom community maps

Fixes/Improvements 7.4

  • Slight performance improvement on custom ranked map validation routine

As always, we have a download mirror for GenTool available.


:gen: GenTool v7.4 (7.77 MB)


You can also download the latest version from the official GenTool site.

C&C Music Monday - Crimson City


This week's edition of C&C Music Monday features a track from the Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars soundtrack for the first time. Its "Crimson City". Most of the music in Tiberium Wars is atmospheric and moody. The music in the game changes based on what happening as you play. "Crimson City" features some really hard and loud rock. A new track will be posted next Monday. And as always, don't forget to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.

More Artwork from Project Camacho



Some more artwork from Project Camacho, a cancelled Command & Conquer game set in the Generals universe has surfaced. This image reveals a Native American character, called "Kajika". Check out the full image in our Project Camacho gallery. Many thanks to CnC Saga for the image.

Renegade X Patch 5.281 Available Now



The start to the new year has seen the arrival of new patch for Renegade X. Patch version 5.281 bring many new changes, additions and the usual collection of all important bug fixes. There are pecific fixes for both GDI and Nod characters as well as user interface enhancements.. Many of the maps of have received balance changes, with two new maps be added to the game. You can check out the full change log to read all of them. Start the Renegade X Launcher to get this update.

Red Alert: A Path Beyond Released



Just a few days ago, W3D Hub made version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond available for download. This all important update fixes the recent "rubber-banding" troubles that have been so troubling. There are other fixes and changes also included, as detailed below.



  • NetUpdateRate is now set correctly, this should annihilate your rubberbanding problems!
  • Being scoped in when the map ends no longer causes you to stay scoped on the next map.
  • Added engine.cfg override for monitor refresh rate.
  • Added armour bar to HUD target box for any unit that has armour. This should reduce the confusion about inconsistencies in weapon damage.


  • Infantry armour is now more effective against "weak" explosive splash damage, reducing health damage by 62.5% instead of 50%, and the armour itself is completely immune to this damage. Effectiveness of "strong" explosives (artillery, V2, C4 and hand grenades) is unchanged.


  • Light Tank, Medium Tank, Heavy Tank, Mammoth Tank can no longer carry passengers.


  • Purchase terminal zones now have physical collision, so it is no longer possible to get so close to them that you are unable to use them.
  • Fixed shape of Construction Yard roof VIS sector, should prevent some oddities when camera is over the "arch".
  • Construction Yard second floor has grates beneath the PCTs, so even if the PT zones fail, you should not fall through them when buying stuff.
  • Added blocker behind MCV in non-tunnel version of Construction Yard basement, so it is no longer possible to get stuck behind it.
  • Sub Pen now has mesh fences on the ends of the piers, making it harder for Allied infantry to disembark directly into the pen (but still possible) and harder to fall into the water while trying to defend against navy as an RPG/Volkov.
  • Naval Yard now uses the same mesh fencing as the Sub Pen.
  • Collision plane on Allied Barracks basement stairway now properly connects to the lower floor; this means that infantry descending the stairs will no longer "fall" and get accuracy penalties as a result.


  • Added Kaskins' Imperial Age bullet tracers with his permission, to replace the outdated and broken emitter-based tracers.
  • Weather particles no longer fall through water; this also allows us to add weather back to naval maps that previously had it at some point.



  • Added light snowfall.
  • Fixed water brightness.
  • Water now fades at shorelines.


  • Fixed water brightness.
  • EVA now reminds you about the cannon side objective every so often.
  • Cannons now repair at half the previous rate and take 25% more damage from Hinds.
  • Cannons now use the same radar marker as base defenses.
  • Added collision planes to the landing pads, so ground vehicles should not get stuck on them and infantry walking onto them should not "fall".
  • Fixed a bad texture blend on the hills behind Soviet base.


  • Added snowfall.
  • Parts of the Soviet Radar Dome are no longer untargetable.

You can update to the latest version using the W3D Hub Launcher.

Frank Klepacki Interview from Arcade Attack



As part of their Retro Gaming Blog, the Arcade Attack recently posted a new interview with Command & Conquer music legend, Frank Klepacki. The interview covers how Frank began his career in the gaming industry and discusses his work on the  Command & Conquer soundtracks and other games he has worked in the years since. Here's part of it....


Arcade Attack: You are a true legend of the gaming and music world. Could you explain how you first got into the video game industry?

Frank Klepacki: You’re too kind, thank you. I began as a tester, and eventually moved into the audio dept after a trial period of proving myself capable. I’m very grateful to have had that opportunity, and fortunate that I had foresight at a young age to learn about recording, performing, and computer audio.  It gave me a starting point of skill to be able to learn and adapt quickly.


Arcade Attack: You are probably best known for your stellar work on the Command and Conquer games as you mentioned there, how did you gain inspiration to go about creating the now iconic soundtrack for these games?

Frank Klepacki: The most important thing I can stress about that process was that I was encouraged to experiment and tap into a wide variety of influences. That in itself allowed for me to stretch as far as I wanted in any direction and see what worked well and what didn’t. Most of it was used, especially in the first C&C, the only ones that weren’t were the most extreme genre explorations, everything from thrash to rollerskate music, lol. By the time we got to Red Alert there was a feeling of honing in on style, so it was more refined from that point forward.


Check out the full interview right here.

C&C Music Monday - Got a Present For Ya


Its just a bit late, but this week's pick for C&C Music Monday has arrived. And comes to us from the C&C Renegade soundtrack. Its "Got a Present For Ya". The title of course comes from one of Havoc's catch phrases. This is a great rock track from Frank Klepacki. A new track will be posted next Monday. And as always, don't forget to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.

Kane's Wrath January 3vs3 R12 Tournament

JoKx6u1.jpg will be hosting the Kane's Wrath January 3vs3 R12 Tournament this Sunday, 8th January at 12:00 GMT on C&C:Online. Players in this event are free to select their own teams, although the tournament organisers will try to make teams for those that don't have one. Sign ups are open now, you will also find all the important details right here. If you need help getting online to play, see's C&C:Online User Guide. Sign ups close at 11 AM GMT on the day of the event.

Throwback Thursday for 5th January


Welcome to this year's first instalment of Throwback Thursday! This week, we remember the GLA Angry Mob, which appeared in C&C: Generals and Zero Hour from 2003. It was notable for being the first squad unit in the Command & Conquer series. This mechanic saw wide use in EALA's subsequent Battle for Middle-earth series, as well as C&C 3: Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath, where the majority of infantry units were also represented by squads. Angry Mobs were just that - groups of furious, but poorly trained common folk who joined the ranks of the GLA. Even one mob was a bad omen for GLA's enemies on the field, as they proved quite effective against enemy units.

Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.

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