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Cartoon and Conquer #96

Cartoon and Conquer #96:




Next on 2nd of January.

C&C Generals Fan Film - The Dragon Awakes

The Dragon Awakes is a C&C Generals fan film made by DrDanthrax99. The basic plot for the story is China calls its debt and the USA can't pay. A bloody skirmish then ensues. This has taken a lot of work to put together, so give it a watch.



Thanks to DrDanthrax99 for sharing his work with the community.

New Renegade X Maps in the Works

The next big beta release of Renegade X will see the arrival of some new maps. Remakes of the classic maps like Under, Complex and Canyon from the original C&C Renegade are currently in development. These new maps, along with more fixes and some gameplay changes will be available when the new beta version gets released sometime in early 2015. For now, check out a couple of sample screenshots from Under and Canyon.


Ddf8dUT.jpg  fSPfI15.jpg


You can view more screenshots of these new maps right here.

Community BattleCast Primetime - Louis Castle Extended Interview

If you recall, last months episode of Community BattleCast PrimeTime featured a small sample of an interview with Louis Castle, one of the influential people behind the creation of Command & Conquer at Westwood Studios. Its taken a bit longer than planned but you can listen to the full interview in the video below.



If you missed last months episode of Community BattleCast PrimeTime you can watch it right here. Click here to subscribe to Community BattleCast PrimeTime's channel to stay informed of new episodes. Past episodes can also be found on this playlist on the CNCNZ.com YouTube Channel. You can also visit the Community BattleCast PrimeTime site.

How to Play Ladder Games on C&C: Online

Looking to get started on the recently opened 1v1 and 2v2 ranked ladders for Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3 on C&C: Online but not sure where to begin? Well you should watch this great tutorial video made by Sybert that explains everything you need to conquer your opponents and move up the ladders.



You should also read the video description on YouTube for some additional information.

Vote in the Top 100 Mod & Indie of the Year Awards 2014

Both the Mod of the Year Awards 2014 on Mod DB and the Indie of the Year Awards 2014 on Indie DB have reached the Top 100 stage. And just like previous years there is a strong Command & Conquer presence. Round 2 of the voting is now open.


Released Mods:

Upcoming Mods:



Released Games:

Follow the links above to vote for these Command & Conquer mods and indie games.

New Joe Kucan Interview

A Russian site, called Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru, recently posted a new interview with the one and only Joe Kucan. In this interview Joe discusses Command & Conquer, Westwood Studios, his brother Daniel and of course his latest project, A Public Fit. The interview is all in Russian though, but thanks the power of Google Translate you can read it in English.




Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru: In the first Command & Conquer Kane appeared before us in the image of the leader of the terrorists, anti-globalists. Then, in the Command & Conquer: Red Alert, he suddenly showed up at the headquarters of Stalin and even helped to poison him some tea. Then (in the times of oppression EA-) we found out that Kane - this is some ancient creature that uses Tiberium to lure newcomers to the Earth, which had to build a teleportation towers, of which there are using Kane eventually washed away from our planet. In this regard, two questions: who is this Kane really? And what was the original intention of the person Kane? Now, even when you do not believe in the return of the leader of the Brotherhood, it is certainly possible to discuss.


Joe Kucan: In the early 90s with Eydie Laramore, one of the authors of the universe C & C, deliberately left mysterious origin, nature, and purpose of Kane. It seemed to us - the more questions arise from players about Kane, the more they [...] on the subject line. Or for themselves will answer all your questions. I liked this approach - no one is really unable to understand the true nature of the incredible creation that exists in the world that we can not see, using familiar tools. At first, the players see Kane through media filters: a summary of the news reports from the front, they hear about it from his henchmen - Seth. So I seriously liked the ambiguity of identity Kane. Toward the end of a series of Electronic Arts obviously felt the need to make more specifics in his image.


The translation is a little rough in spots but still easy to understand. Click here for the full interview in English or Russian.

C&C: Online - Ladders Return

Another significant update for C&C: Online has arrived with the long awaited return of the 1v1 and 2v2 ranked ladders for Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3. To take advantage of the new ladders you will need download and install version 2.0.6 of the updated launcher from the C&C: Online site.



More details about the new ladders can be found in this topic in our Community News forum.

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age 1.13 Released

Version 1.13 of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age mod for Tiberian Sun has been released. This massive mod looks to recreate the game that started it all, Command & Conquer. While you are downloading the new version check out the latest trailer.



Some of the highlights from the change log are....

  • Improved and added client features
  • Game lobby themes
  • New terrain
  • New maps
  • Co-Op missions
  • Many new options for the game lobby

Click here for the download.

Red Alert - A Path Beyond: Christmas 2014 Seasonal Map Event

With the Christmas season fast approaching, the team at Bluehell Productions have announced the Christmas 2014 Seasonal Map Event for Red Alert - A Path Beyond. This means a special Christmas themed map will be added to the map rotation. Here are the important details....




  • Christmas lights go all around the map, instead of just behind each team's barracks. Red Christmas lights are now behind the Soviet barracks, and blue behind Allied.
  • Added snow to the tops of the rocks and barracks.
  • Added a cloak or die crate, it will spawn in one of the non-barracks corners, and it's a 1/3 chance that you will die, get a stealth powerup, or turn into something sinister. Spawn delay is 120 seconds.
  • Removed from regular crates these powerups: limited weapon pickups, refills, and stealth. Added a special powerup.
  • Replaced one of the corner colt powerups with an AP HandCannon.
  • Added PTs and spawns behind both barracks.

The map will come up in the server rotation every few rounds. More information can be found here.