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Latest Playtest Build of OpenRA Released

There is a new playtest version of OpenRA available right now. The biggest change in this Playtest release compared to the July release is the overhauled in-game interface, as well as other additions and improvements.




  • The RA mod has received a brand new sidebar.
  • A new end-game score screen appears once a game is complete.
  • The in-game menu now shows an objectives panel in all mods (previously only available in the TD mod).
  • New keyboard shortcuts have been added, and the default keys have changed to match Tiberium Wars and Red Alert 3.

The full Changelog lists many of the other improvements, bug fixes, and balance changes that are included in this playtest. A few notable improvements include:

  • The lobby now prevents players from choosing colours that are too similar to each other or the terrain.
  • Veteran units gain improved reload time and accuracy, and elite units will now heal over time.
  • Planes will maintain their distance from each other in a similar fashion to helicopters.
  • Several of the Tiberian Dawn campaign missions have been updated with mission objectives.
  • A number of small balance changes to the Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn mods.

More details about this release can be found here.

Renegade X Map Preview - C&C Volcano

The Renegade X team have posted a video previewing the new C&C Volcano map. Based on the map of the same name from the original C&C Renegade, C&C Volcano will be available when Beta 3 arrives. Check it out below.



More information on the Renegade X site.

Cartoon and Conquer #90

Cartoon and Conquer #90:




Next on 10th of October.

New Renegade Map - Welcome to Detroit

Its always good to see new content created for older games. And it looks like people are still making new maps for C&C Renegade. Here is a new map called "Welcome to Detroit", made by PwnCall, and it comes to you via the guys at MPF-Games. It also contains the map Carnage Club Extreme as a club area where you can play around. Plus there are lots of extras and civilian cars, including a Dodge Viper! Watch the video preview below.



This new map is currently in rotation on the UltraAOW.com NewMaps 4.1 server

Renegade X Beta 3 Almost Ready

Beta version 3 of Renegade X is due for release soon. There is no exact date but it's oh so close. The Renegade X team have been working hard the past few months to fix problems, add new content to the game and improve stability to prevent the crashing problems that Beta 2 suffers from. As a small teaser, a new screen shot was released.


Head over to the Renegade X site for more.

New Look CnCNet Site

The new look CnCNet site was launched earlier today. Sporting a fresh and modern design, complete with a new logo. It includes all of the information you need to play the classic games such as Command & Conquer, Red Alert and more online.




If you look close enough around the new site you will find certain hints on what's to come next. Visit the CnCNet now to see it for yourself.


A Special Surprise

Presenting, a C&C Legos short-season!  Where will Kane find himself now?



Check back soon to see new episodes!  Or you can visit the C&C Legos forum to see updates in the nearer future!

CnC Saga's 18th Anniversary

Congratulations to Tchutch and his team from the biggest French Command & Conquer fan site, CnC Saga. Today marks their 18th anniversary covering the Command & Conquer community and its games.


For those wondering, CNCNZ.com hits the same milestone at the end of next month.

Official Command & Conquer Forums Offline

The official forums for Command & Conquer have been a bit of a grave yard in the past few months, understandably since there is nothing happening with the Command & Conquer franchise right now from EA's direction. However reports have come through that the Official Command & Conquer Forums are currently offline. There is no statement from EA as to why, not that one can be expected anyway. But rumours suggest they have been closed temporarily to fix a security leak someone tried to exploit recently.




An update will be made when and if they return.

Cartoon and Conquer #89

Cartoon and Conquer #89:




Next on 26th of September.