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Renegade X To Be Featured on ModDB's Debut Episode of "Mod Cast"

Renegade X will be featured on ModDB's debut episode of "Mod Cast" on Saturday the 25th of October at 12PM US Eastern Standard Time. Totem Arts Founder, [NE]Fobby[GEN] will be there to discuss Renegade X's transition from a mod to a standalone game and what the future may hold for the free to play title.




Check out this link for more information. Find out what time it is in your time zone right here If you would like to tune into the show.

Cartoon and Conquer #92

Cartoon and Conquer #92:




Next on 7th of November.

The Brotherhood of Nod in WatchMojo.com's Top 10 Video Game Armies

WatchMojo.com have been posting Top 10 videos for a long time now, spanning many categories. One of the latest is their "Top 10 Video Game Armies", and Command & Conquer's Brotherhood of Nod is included. I won't say what position it comes in though, you'll just have the watch the video below to find out.

Another good one to watch is their Top 10 PC Games of the 1990s, and once again Command & Conquer gets a mention.

Another Playtest Build of OpenRA is Available

Following the release of last week’s playtest version of OpenRA, a third and final playtest has been made available today in preparation for the stable Halloween release next weekend. Development over the last week has been focused on tidying up loose ends, such as....



  • An overhauled observer/replay sidebar for the Red Alert mod.
  • An improved (and hopefully more robust) crash-detection mechanism.
  • Improved memory usage over the previous playtests.
  • Further improvements to the new Lua API, and the removal of the old API.
  • Further improvements to the packaged single-player missions.
  • Additional minor polish improvements and bug fixes.

Visit the OpenRA for the download.

Tiberium Alliances Patch Notes - October 2014

Another important update for Tiberium Alliances is on the way. On Tuesday the 21st of October and Thursday the 23rd of October selected Tiberium Alliances Worlds will be down for approximately 30-60 minutes each to apply the updates. The patch will be deployed according to the following schedule:

Tuesday 21st October 08.00 – 09.30 UTC (Click here for your local time)

  • Closed BETA Worlds 1, 2 and 3
  • World 95 (Europe)
  • World 96 (US West Coast)

Thursday 23rd October 08.00 – 15.30 UTC (Click here for your local time)

  • All English speaking worlds (including the ones mentioned above)



Below is a list of what will be included in this update.



  • Various internal fixes and improvements to increase the overall stability of the game.


  • The problem with shortened texts on Chrome 37+ for Windows and Firefox and Chrome for MacOS has been resolved. (Safari related fixes may be applied in future releases)
  • You can now correctly relocate while having a base standing on a hub.
  • Fixed a UI issue where resources lost would be shown too high in the tooltip when selling a damaged Silo or Accumulator. The true amount of lost resources are not changed and have been correct all along.
  • Fixed an issue preventing correctly reporting a player who has not logged into the game for a very long time.
  • The tooltip explaining the Plunder loot mechanics has been corrected for worlds where the Plunder fixes are not enabled (e.g. Old Economy worlds).
  • Various small text glitch fixes.

The original announcement can be found here.

Tiberian Odyssey Weekly Updates

Tiberian Odyssey, a standalone Tiberian Sun mod, is seeing continued development. Mod development member Orac has released weekly updates, starting last month, to showcase all of the weekly work that's being done on the mod, while talking about challenges faced, explaining the decisions behind most choices made by the mod team during development and  a hint as to what new challenges will be tackled over the course of the coming week.




You can read the last 6 weekly updates here:

Additionally, they have released an in-game shot of a new Tiberium Lifeform. For more information on the mod, visit their page on ModDB.

C&C Generals: Condition Zero - 0.5 Beta Release

Condition Zero, a mod for Zero Hour that features new Generals and new units and structures, has seen it's first beta, 0.5, and subsequent patches, 0.5.1 and 0.5.5, released throughout the course of the past week.




You can download the mod and its patches over at ModDB.

New Kane's Wrath Concept Art

Concept Artist Todd Kale has uploaded 14 new concept art pieces of his work on Kane's Wrath on his personal blog. These concepts include subfaction logo prototypes and concept art for upgraded ZOCOM infantry.




You can view the rest on Todd Kale's blog.

Tiberian History - Release 6

Tiberian History's 6th release has come! The C&C3 mod that brings back old favorites from past Tiberian games into Tiberium Wars is now available for download, with new units and plenty of balance changes and bug fixes. You can read about the new units here and see all the changes over here.





You can download the mod by heading over to this page.

New Tiberium Wars Concept Art

New concept art from C&C3: Tiberium Wars has surfaced online. These showcase different GDI, Nod and Scrin units and structures, notably many units which were cut or heavily modified through the game's development.




You can see all of these concept art pieces by clicking this link.