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More Cancelled Command & Conquer Concepts

More great stuff from C&C Saga today, with this video from the cancelled free to play Command & Conquer. This one reveals that at some stage the development team were testing the possibility of the side control bar rather than a bottom control bar. There are also some storyboard concepts towards the end.



Thanks to C&C Saga for sharing this video.

Command & Conquer Turns 19 Years Old

On the 19th of August 1995, Westwood Studios released Command & Conquer, the RTS classic that started it all, it revolutionized the gaming industry and captured the imagination of millions of fans around the world. Arguably, Command & Conquer is the sole reason why the RTS genre is one of the most popular categories of PC gaming. And so today the original game turns 19 years old.




I and many other C&C fans surely remember the classic and gruesome scene of Kane introducing himself to you, as the player. You know where he blows away Seth in a brutal and bad-ass manner. Relive that moment below.



How did you discover Command & Conquer? what is your most memorable Command & Conquer memory from the original game? Share them with us in this thread on our forums.

Cartoon and Conquer #88

Cartoon and Conquer #88:




Next on 12th of September.

C&C 4: Tiberian Twilight Storyboard Concepts

CNC Saga continue to unearth a lot of Command & Conquer concept art. Today they have posted a series of storyboards from Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. They show how the original launch trailer was planned and made.




For comparisons sake, here's the original launch trailer for Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight.



More storyboard concepts can found at CNC Saga.

Tiberian Sun 15th Anniversary

Can you believe that Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun is now 15 years old? Many of the Command & Conquer games made by Westwood Studios are truly classics now simply based on their ages. Tiberian Sun is arguably the reason why the C&C Community exists today. Way back in 1997 when Tiberian Sun was announced many little fan sites popped up on the internet, including the early foundations for CNCNZ.com. You see, during the Command & Conquer and Red Alert early days, we never really had an online community, well I guess it was there, but Tiberian Sun sort of changed things in these early days, and the community exploded with activity in a short space of time. The hype for this game was huge, we followed its development intensely, studied every bit of news that Westwood gave to us.


Originally set for a late 1998 release, the game got pushed back to the 27th of August 1999. So 1998's biggest game got released in 1999. The game is still considered a true C&C by anyone's standards, but Westwood Studios promised a lot for Tiberian Sun and came up a little short. Tiberian Sun became an underwhelming experience with many of its over hyped, over marketed features simply cut from the game. It was during the development of Tiberian Sun that EA took over as the new owners of Westwood Studios, and people blame EA for the delayed release and cut features. When in fact if it wasn't for EA, Tiberian Sun may not have seen the light of day. It was Westwood who were digging themselves into a deep development hole. SImply promising too much and failing to deliver at the last hurdle. But it's not all bad, it was still a successful game, earning high reviews and general positive praise from fans despite the short comings. If anything it was saved by the powerful and rich story.
Tiberian Sun is now "freeware", if you have never played it or lost your copy, grab the download using the link below. The download also includes the Firestorm add-on.

:ts: Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun (1.3 GB)

Share your best Tiberian Sun memories and moments with us in this thread on our forums.

Tiberium Internal Demo Video

C&C Saga have been posting a lot of stuff about from the list of cancelled Command & Conquer games this week. Some of it can be depressing to see, especially when in comes to the cancelled Tiberium FPS game. This game had so much potential but it got axed back in September 2008. The video below is an internal demo of the game, showing various sequences. Please disregard the odd choice of music.




  • 0:22 Flashback
  • 1:02 Investigation in New Monaco
  • 3:20 Mining Colony
  • 3:58 Urban Warfare
  • 4:57 Back to the Tour
  • 5:33 VFX Demo
  • 6:07 Atmospheric Demo

Many thanks to C&C Saga for sharing this and other cancelled concepts with the community.

The Red Alert: A Path Beyond Dev Blogs Return

Bluehell Productions are back in action with their dev blog updates for Red Alert: A Path Beyond. The latest one includes information about future balance design, better targeting feedback, context-sensitive radio commands and the new and improved camera work, as seen below.




Click here to read the full update.

Another Cancelled Game: Command & Conquer Battle

The team at C&C Saga have uncovered another, and possibly long since cancelled Command & Conquer game. This one was called "Command & Conquer Battle". Little is known about this game, other than the short list below and some concept images.



  • Able to play via a tablet
  • Set in the universe of the original Command & Conquer
  • Features multiplayer and co-op
  • Play a game with 4 free app purchases
  • Cartoon like graphics

More images can be seen by visiting C&C Saga. Or check out the gallery here on CNCNZ.com.

3D Images of the C&C 2013 Generals

When games are cancelled it not uncommon for images, concept artwork and all sorts of related stuff to surface over time. Here we are, about 10 months since the new Command & Conquer was cancelled last October, and C&C Saga have come up with these great looking 3D renders of the Generals.




Check out the rest by visiting CNC Saga.

Cartoon and Conquer #87

Cartoon and Conquer #87:




Next on 29th of August.