Throwback Thursday for 2nd July



Here we go with Throwback Thursday for this week. Most of us don't like ants, but in the case of Counterstrike in 1997, the first add-on for Red Alert from 1996, they were a secret campaign. Similar in style to the hidden dinosaur fun park missions in Command & Conquer. It Came From Red Alert was a bit more detailed. Once Counterstrike is installed with Red Alert the secret ant missions were accessed by holding down the Shift key and left clicking on the speaker graphic in the main menu of the game. The four mission campaign sees you as the Allied Commander fighting off hordes of giant ants. Eventually eliminating the Queen Ant. After the dinosaurs in Command & Conquer and the ants in Red Alert, Westwood abandoned any form of secret stuff like this in future games.


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One Year of C&C:Online



One year ago today C&C:Online was successfully launched in the wake of the impending GameSpy shutdown to keep online services for the likes of Red Alert 3, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath, Generals and Zero Hour online. Here at, we fully endorse and support C&C:Online. So we want to say congratulations to the C&C:Online team for a job well done in the past year. The C&C:Online online administrators made this announcement.


Happy Birthday C&C:Online!


We opened our doors to the playing public a year ago today, following quite a frenzy trying to get everything working before GameSpy shut down. We made it just in time, through determination and sleep deprivation. We've kept ourselves busy since then, adding features, improving stability and nurturing the supported games. We've even opened an entirely new Revora server dedicated to C&C:Online. We've made it through our first year now and it's been quite a ride, but we're not going to stop striving to improve the user experience.


Special thanks to for their dedicated server support, tournaments, and general helpfulness.


We hope to welcome you on our server for many more years to come.


See you online!

Phil, ICT, ToxicShock, Mathijs

C&C:Online Administrators


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A Glimpse Into the Future of Renegade X?



This interesting image featuring GDI Titans and Wolverines was posted on the Renegade X Facebook page today. It was only given a simple line of text, "I've seen the future...", are the Titans and Wolverines making their way to Renegade X in the next big update?

W3D Hub Community Roundup


The developers at W3D Hub have recently posted a large long-awaited community update which details what has been happening around the W3D development community in the last few months! The roundup is packed full of great news and progress reports - information on how W3D Hub operates and who is in charge of what, a quick catch-up on Tiberian Sun: Reborn and Apocalypse Rising development, news about the exciting return of Battle for Dune: War of Assassins and Expansive Civilian Warfare, the inclusion of the Tiberian Dawn mod for C&C3 to the W3D Hub community, Tiberian Technologies scripts 4.2 release, W3D Hub launcher/website/social media updates, a vast W3D tutorial section for community use and finally an expansive list of newer notable W3D Hub staff members!

Need more detailed W3D Hub project news to satisfy your C&C needs? Then don't hesitate to jump straight on over to the W3D Hub forums and read the full community roundup!

Mental Omega News Bulletin #17 - Discussing "Side 4"



It was teased last week with the new Mental Omega APYR Side 4 Reveal Trailer, and now in the latest news bulletin update for for the Mental Omega APYR mod we get to learn more about this mystery new faction. Still no name, but here's some of the new information.....


Behind the #ControlMOre hashtag hides this new and large part of the project - a fully functional new side with its own subfactions, units, heroes and superweapons. Its own bases, airforce, navy, Engineers (surprise!), soundtrack and story. Your choice of arsenal grows from the 9 subfactions you are already familiar with to 12. While Mental Omega may not be the first to add a new side, it'll be done in a way you probably haven't seen before in Yuri's Revenge modding, for a simple reason - it will actually be done and released. For you.

The introduction of the new side will shine a different light on what you might have expected from Act Two so expect surprises in the campaign. I have seen that you are already trying to figure out the fourth faction's identity and origins, something that has already been hinted in Act One since the idea has always been there. Popular guesses so far have been: Aliens, Atlantis, "side from a different dimension", GDI/Nod, FutureTech beta, GDI or Nod. For some reason some of these always come up when there's discussion about adding potential new factions to Red Alert 2, I wonder why?


Visit the Mental Omega site now for the full update.

Awesome Renegade X Video Montage


Here's a cool Renegade X video montage made by LavaDr4gon on YouTube. It show cases just how good Renegade X looks, while showing some great game play moments. Make sure you check out his other episodes in this series as well.

Get the Latest Playtest of OpenRA



The development of OpenRA continues with the release of another playtest build. This latest release focuses on behind-the-scenes improvements, but also includes a collection of new features and bug fixes.

The most visible changes in this playtest include:

  • Removed the “Enemy unit detected” notification, by popular demand.
  • A collection of TD balance changes based on player feedback. [#8303]
  • Use the repair cursor or order a unit to a repair depot. In D2K a Carryall will pick up the actor. [#8056]
  • Units built from the Starport in D2K now work with the “select units by type” hot-key. [#8212]
  • Improvements to the player name and color validation. [#8137, #8380]
  • New missions: Nod06b, Nod06c (TD), Soviet02a, Soviet05 (RA), Atreides01a, Atreides01b (D2K).
  • A collection of polish fixes for maps, tool-tips, and unit artwork.

On the technical front, improvements include:

  • A collection of fixes for issues found using Coverity Scan.
  • Several new lint tests to detect common YAML errors in maps and mods.
  • Changes towards a more consistent set of rendering traits. [#8171]
  • A Significant rework of the shroud code to prepare for TS shroud and scripted map area changes.
  • Improved support for compiling and running OpenRA on BSD operating systems.
  • Improvements to our Lua API for map authors.

More information about this release can be found here. Visit the OpenRA site for the download.

Playing with the Balance of Battle in Red Alert



A new article on PC Gamer called Playing with the balance of battle in C&C: Red Alert, the author goes back to days of the original Red Alert and remembers how unbalanced the game really was, especially in skirmish games. The Soviets always seemed to pack more fire-power than the Allies. Here's part of the article....


The problem is firepower. In no part of the game do the Allies have an advantage. Where they have light medium tanks, the Soviets have heavy tanks and the mighty HP-recovering mammoth tanks. If you’ve played Red Alert before, you know what I’m talking about – it’s like watching a chihuahua try to take on a cat. Not gonna happen. If an RTS was released with those sorts of balance issues now, the developer would have that **** patched on Steam in 24 hours.


I start the game in the top-right corner of the island-based map (it’s called Island Wars, there are bridges, you may remember it). Quickly I build up my base towards landing a tech centre, which grants full coverage of the map by launching a satellite after a certain time. I’m building as many medium tanks as possible. Intimidatingly, within five minutes, I can hear two armies going at it in the shroud. I send one ill-fated machine gun guy down to investigate, and sure enough, two Soviet armies of about 15 vehicles apiece that vastly exceed my powers are exchanging fire. If one of them wins, I’m close enough to be next.


Things were different back in 1996 I think. Anyway, check out he full article right here.

Kane's Wrath Summer Smackdown Tournament 2015

Qouauch.jpg will be hosting the Kane's Wrath Summer Smackdown 1vs1 Tournament this Sunday June 28th at 12:00 GMT on C&C:Online. If you're interested in playing, check the sign up information found here. Sign ups close at 11 AM GMT on the day of the event.  You will also need to check-in for this event after the sign-ups close.

Throwback Thursday for 25th June



Its time for Throwback Thursday once again. This week we go back to days of Tiberian Sun in 1999. Because its the first time we got to see a new form of Blue Tiberium. While the Green Tiberium was always important, the appearance of Blue Tiberium was interesting and a somewhat of a game changer. It was worth more, once collected and harvested but it was a more dangerous form of Tiberium compared to it's green predecessor. Blue Tiberium was extremely volatile. A Harvester loaded with it was a potential bomb for your enemy to shoot at. It was also lethal in fields, as it was just explosive. Go head and shoot at it and watch your enemies Harvesters blow up with it. On the flip side, it opened up many new tactics for players to utilise. Part of me thinks one reason why Westwood added Blue Tiberium was because Gems were added along side Ore in Red Alert. But since Blue Tiberium had so many advantages or disadvantages, depending your on use of it, and seemed a like natural progression, we can all agree it was welcome addition to the Tiberium universe.


Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.

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