Rumour: Are EA Planning to Revive Command & Conquer?



Do EA have plans to revive the Command & Conquer project that was cancelled way back in October 2013? According this poorly written article from the most unlikely source, The Gospel Herald, the author alludes to this fact, EA could be planning a Command & Conquer resurrection sometime soon. The more likely scenario here, based on the quality of the entire article, the author doesn't have a clue. So I'll have to file this under the "rumour" category. Here's the most interesting part....

Command & Conquer Generals 2 (now known as "Command & Conquer," and also called by the moniker "C&C" or "CnC"), the infamous strategy video game that was scrapped in 2013, is said to be in the process of revival according to its first producer, Electronic Arts (EA).


So it's not the strongest of stories to go by. But it would be cool if it turned out to be true. We have not heard anything official from EA about the future of Command & Conquer since October/November 2013. I'll leave it to you guys to decide if there is any truth to this. I know which way I'm leaning. Full article can be found here.

Westwood Font Editor Released


Nyerguds, one of the community's most famed members and coders, has created the Westwood Font Editor, a tool which allows the editing of the official font files of various formats found in earlier Westwood games (Eye of the Beholder series, The Legend of Kyrandia series, Lands of Lore series, Dune II and 2000, Command & Conquer, Red Alert, Sole Survivor and Tiberian Sun, to name a few). This will allow easier development of fan-made localizations and modifications. You can download version 1.3.0 by following this link, the source code (written in C#, built on .NET Framework v3.5) is available as well. See this development thread for more information and full list of supported formats.

Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved Trailer Released


363 Productions, the team behind the Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved mod for C&C 3: Tiberium Wars, has released the mod's first ingame trailer. While it's still very much a work in progress, and lots of assets are still shared with stock Tiberium Wars, the trailer showcases a lot of the UNSC and Covenant units that the mod developers visibly put a lot of effort into.

Throwback Thursday for 1st December



For Throwback Thursday this week, we remember the tunnel logic introduced in Tiberian Sun from 1999. Units could traverse a tunnel between two ends as if it were a normal path, only protected from above. The logic was quite well-integrated, as the units could do everything they could outside of the tunnel, including attacking enemies in range. They would also make use of tunnels when being ordered to move to a place they could only access by going through it, instead of being given special orders for it, which shows how well they were "fused" into the game's code. They also appeared fully coded and with art in Red Alert 2, but were not used in any map for some reason. Still, they can be added in the FinalAlert map editor.

Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.

DBolical Awards 2016 Kicked Off


DBolical's awards for the year 2016 have officially kicked off today: Mod of the Year, Indie of the Year, App of the Year and VR of the Year. The rules are simple - players vote for any mod, indie game, mobile app or VR game from the database until 11 December. After that, a list of Top 100 (Top 50 for AotY and VRotY) will be made, after which the second phase of player voting will take place, which will also last 10 days. After that, Editors' Choice awards will be announced on 22 December, Players' Choice Unreleased awards on 27 December, and Players' Choice Mod/Indie/App/VR of the Year on 29 December. There are also random prizes for those who vote. There are many Command & Conquer mods on ModDB and IndieDB, show them your support by voting!

Play Red Alert 2 on Your Android Phone


In early November, we got to see a proof-of-concept build of Red Alert 2 in Unreal Engine 4 and in VR, which was cool. Today we can share with you another way. How about playing Red Alert 2 on your Android phone? ZeUbermensch posted this on our forums earlier today. He has managed to get the game running his Nexus 5 using ExaGear. He has shared some video of it in action, which you can watch above. There is a rather lengthy process to getting it working, but it's all there. Check out this post here on forums for more. Further information can be found in this post on Imgur. Poll: Your Favourite C&C Renegade Map


Many months have past since we last changed the main site poll. So based on a recent tweet from the Renegade X team I thought it would be a good idea to start this new poll called What was your favourite C&C Renegade map? You can only pick one. Forgotten all about the classic maps in C&C Renegade? You can remind yourself about them on this page. To vote in this poll you need to be on the main page of our site, and cast your vote in the poll box on the right side bar. You can also check the current results in the Poll Archives. And, as always, don't forget to share any feedback or comments about this poll as well.



Now lets take a quick look back the results from the previous poll, What is your favourite sub faction in Kane's Wrath? With the 31% of the vote, many of you stay loyal to the Brotherhood and the Black Hand sub faction. Full results can be found in the Poll Archives.

C&C Music Monday - Smash


It's C&C Music Monday time once again, and we are finishing the Red Alert 20th Anniversary month with another classic track from its soundtrack. This week, we feature "Smash". This one is another fast-paced techno-sounding track from Frank Klepacki. A new track will be posted next Monday. And as always, don't forget to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.

Throwback Thursday for 24th November



As our celebratory month of November, in which we heavily featured the 20th anniversary of Red Alert, draws to a close, this week's Throwback Thursday features the legendary handshake scene from the intro of the original Red Alert. In 1946, Albert Einstein developed a time machine in order to travel back to 1924, just as Adolf Hitler was released from prison after a failed coup, and shook his hand in order to erase him from that point of time on. World War II was averted, but another problem arose - the uncontested rise of the Soviet army and their invasion of Europe. While the premise seems rather cheesy now that we're older and have higher standards, this story brought us an entire universe of enjoyable games, which we happily remember to this day.

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C&C Games On Steam Autumn Sale



Still haven't bought C&C games on the Origin sale or dislike Origin itself? Well, good news, as Steam's autumn sale also incorporates C&C games! Each Command & Conquer game found on Steam (Tiberium Wars through Tiberian Twilight) is 75% off, with the European price being €2,49, while the entire bundle is down 81%, more specifically €9,35 in Europe.

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