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Developer Westwood Studios/Looking Glass Studios (N64)
Publisher Virgin Interactive/SEGA (Saturn)/Nintendo (N64)
Platforms DOS/Windows PC CD/Macintosh/PlayStation/Saturn/N64
Release Date 31/08/1995
Current Version 1.04 (Windows)/1.22 (DOS)

What is Command & Conquer?

Command & Conquer, later to become unofficially known as Tiberian Dawn, was released in 1995. C&C is the RTS classic that started it all, it revolutionized the gaming industry and captured the imagination of millions of fans around the world. Arguably, Command & Conquer is the sole reason why the RTS genre is one of the most popular categories of PC gaming.

C&C features two sides, the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod, powerful units, an in depth storyline and most importantly….intense action!

Command & Conquer went on to be released on many different platforms. The original Command & Conquer DOS version was first released in 1995, as mentioned above. In 1996 the Macintosh, Sony PlayStation, SEGA Saturn versions were released. In 1997 Westwood upgraded the game by utilizing the SVGA graphics that can be seen in Red Alert and added support for Westwood Online so the game could played via the Internet. This new version was re-released as Command & Conquer Gold for Windows 95. In 1999 Command & Conquer arrived on the Nintendo 64, becoming the first 3D Command & Conquer game.

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  • Detailed Environments – Large, sumptuous and detailed realizations of all military hardware.
  • Fantastic Soundtrack – A powerful selection of music composed by Frank Klepacki. Eerie atmospherics and musical styles including rock and techno.
  • Great Cinematics – 60 minutes of vividly rendered movie style cut scenes to keep the story moving.
  • Single Player – A wide range of missions determined by your choice of allegiance….GDI or Nod.
  • Multiplayer – Play against a friend via serial or modem, play up to 4 players over a network, with C&C Gold you can play on the Internet.

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