HOSTED PROJECTS: Command & Conquer Legos is proud to present the entire season collections of our exclusive Command & Conquer Legos (formally Tiberium Legos) videos series. Created and designed by Zee Hypnotist with input from other staff and fans. Each season is based on a different Command & Conquer game.

Late in Season 3 and all of Season 4 and  Season 5 are presented in HD and 16:9 Widscreen format.


Note: This project has ceased development and consequently been archived.

Season 1: Tiberium Legos


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Season 2: Tiberium Legos

View Season 2 Playlist

Season 3: Tiberium Legos

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Season 4: C&C Legos – Red Alert


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Season 5: C&C Legos – Brotherhood


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Mini-Season: C&C Legos – Tiberium Chronicles


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